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Arranque con un nuevo blog que cubre temas de interés general, política, economía y pffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Perdón, tenia que hacer ese un blog de temas friki
Arranque con un blog, vean si algo les interesa y compartan si tienen ganas
There are 4 great Continents in this world: Io, the center of this world and the birthplace of the great Krieger Empire; Zhe in the East, from the northern wastes of the Hussark Clans to the Eastern-most lands the Azuma Islands. In the south Harav lies, with its golden deserts and the southern islands were tribes fight in the luxurious jungle. In the West the massive land of Frontera, the “newest” continent spans for thousands of miles and haves the tallest point in the world, the Blanco Mountain’s Okwaho Peak, reaching 31.454 ft (9857 mts).

But these places not only carry a lot of interesting places now, as their history is rich and plentiful. In this document we will explore, in a much abbreviated way, the most important historic events in the 4 Continents. For this purpose and to avoid getting lost between several different calendars, we will use the Krieger Calendar and count in negative upon previous events. The Krieger Calendar starts the year of the foundation of the original Krieger Kingdom and it moves from that point on. Investigators and Academics have found evidence of activities dating at least 2000 years before the foundation of the Kingdom.

???? to -2000 KC (Approximation decided by the Krieger Imperial University)

• First Recorded Texts that survived to the modern times
• The Pre-Jianese Culture, Yuno Kingdom flourishes on Zhe
• First Hussark Tribe builds the first Hussark Tower
• Primitive nomadic tribes move in Harav.
• Small communities form proto-countries in Io
• Natives in Frontera start their first contact with Deus

-2000 to -1500 KC

• Yuno Kingdom falls, anarchy reigns in the pre-Jianese territory
• Yuno nobility that survived the fall escape to the sea and discover the Azuma Islands
• Helios, the first Ionian Kingdom starts an aggressive expansion from the south-east corner of the continent.
• Seismic activity starts destroying the Wand Mountain Range in Io, to create the Rot Tal passage that in 1000 will become wide enough for the first Hussark Horde to attack the neighboring continent
• The Villages in Northern Harav start developing a joint language and culture in base of sharing mercantile ties and similar religious beliefs, all of them worshipping the Sun and the Moon as Sister and Brother.
• Hussark tribes lead by King Ymir Frossin conquered the Northern Regions of the Zhe Continent and started moving to the south

-1500 to -1000 KC

• First Jianese Kingdom, expands and wages battle against the Hussark Horde. The Great Fortifications of Jian are created in the Northern Rim of the growing Jian Kingdom.
• Azuma is founded and starts their traditional ways of combat and honor, the Southern Province creates the Merchants Guild.
• The First Hussark horde attacks Jian and crosses the Brown Sea into Havar, creating a small camp in the northern Rim of the desert Continent.
• Northern Havar is unified under the First Sha that praises a new god, Akhen, and under his guidance the Hussark are kicked out of the continent
• Frontera is divided into the Three Tribes, the Northern Takret Tribe, the Ozuye in the grasslands and in the south the Akweks living in the desert. From this tree tribes descend all the current ones.
• Reaching the -1000 Helios falls thanks to it’s own corruption of the government and Io once again becomes a land of warring factions. Some of the Helios survive and form what can be considered a proto-Krieger society.
• First historical records talking about Steel and Advanced Siege Weaponry.

-1000 to -500 KC

• Io is set ablaze at the end of this period as the Three Empires War starts. The Pre-Krieger Empire of Kurztian owning the north of the continent, the southern hot-blooded Valencients and the Ikotts, master of the Torn Sea in the west. Their fight starts in -512 and would last for centuries as the political landscape shifted.
• The Jian Empire defensive strategy shifts into offensive and counter attacks the Hussark hordes, this would prove to grant short term success as the Hussark, even weakened and without their legendary skills lost in the sands of time, had an enormous advantage in their home territory. This failed attempt at conquest by Jian would start the legend that still reaches our times about the (Factual) impossibility of conquering the Hussark on their domain.
• Azuma flourishes while expanding their influence into a series of island south of Jian and reaching out to the Havar Kingdom with economic and cultural profit to both sides. The cultural exchanges generates some resentment in the populace and the Emperor starts to lose support, the Military Clans start to wrestle over political power and the War of Twelve start, with the 12 governors of the Azuma Mainland Provinces engaged into a series of conflicts extending from -602 to -503. The war ended after almost a century of war, when 5 of the clans joined forces under the banner of Kensei Mitsurugi, that unified the country, took the name of Dai oh’
• Northern Havar becomes the world most powerful economy thanks to their pacifistic tendencies and cultural openness. The current Sha speaks his final words that are still used in Havar and in the world by all the merchants almost religiously “Even in my deathbed I’m ignorant to all but one thing, the world is ruled by wealth”
• Frontera tribes live in harmony with nature and each other, some minor expeditions of Io, Havar or Jian discovers bits of the continent but nobody establishes a proper colony. Havar does only in -415 KC in what is now called Colt Island.
• The Hussark travel through the North Pole thanks to a cold wave that freezes the Polar Sea, allowing them to reach the Northern Coast of Frontera, there the mixture between bloods starts.

-500 to 0 KC

• The War in Io starts to settle down slowly, yet steadily the Kurztian Empire starts to lose order thanks to the corrupted nobility that served no more purpose than a decorative role. The final decline started in -50 and in -1 the General Johann Panzerwald leaded a coup d’ etat deposing the current and weak king, slaughtered the corrupted courtesans and cleaned the nobility leaving only those who served the Kingdom. A lot of territory was lost and the oppressed provinces took the advantage to form new Kingdoms. Three in the south, Two in the west, a myriad in the East that constantly changed and 3 more in the north of Io. Krieger was founded in 0 KC
• The Hussark integration with the Northern Tribes of Frontera is finished. The New Northern Tribe is more aggressive and less cooperative with the others.
• -269 KC the Jian Empire discovers Gunpowder, mostly used in fireworks and not weaponized until -230 KC when a Jian General started using it for signals and when he accidentally killed on of his men after hurrying him to shoot the signal he started using with Cannons.
• -245 KC The Dai’oh still rule with iron hand the Azuma Islands and start a war against the Jian Empire that lasted 5 years. The Military Prowess and Discipline of the Azuma beat over the Jian Empire higher numbers and better equipment. Azuma takes a chunk of territory and creates the fortified city of Inazuma to protect the domains they acquired. This Territory is lost around -42 KC.
• Northern Havar enters a crisis thanks to the lack of rains in the agricultural lands. They plan to colonize Frontera yet a storm destroys most of their fleet, throwing the once rich Kingdom into disarray, with the Southern Tribes getting into the mainland of Havar and pillaging. The drought destroys years of culture and the Kingdom enters into a state of anarchy in -133 KC. From this dreaded times comes the expression coined by a Jianese Merchant “Hungrier than a Havar”
• The Wand Mountains continued the seismic activity finally created a clear passage from Io to Zhen. The Rot Tal Passage is born. The Hussark won’t find it until 170 KC.
0 KC to 416 KC

• The Krieger Empire is founded by King Johann Panzerwald I, also known as Johann the Great. Krieger starts expanding military technology in an explosion, by introducing fire-arms and advanced warfare tactics. Defensive Offensive formations, swift annihilation of enemy positions. This new warfare took Io by surprise and in 10 years most of the Continent was conquered. The Foundation of Panzerwald and the discovery of new materials (Including whatever is Quicksilver composed off) kick started the First Golden Century, from 20 KC to 110 KC, 90 years full of discoveries and advancement in almost every field. This explosive reaction extended to all the Empire and even reached parts of Jian and Northern Havar. Azuma remains closed to foreign influence.
• Fronterian Krieger Colonies start to pop up from 50 KC to 200 KC, covering the whole Continent except for the deep end of the Blanco Mountains, were the Northern Tribes took refugee and the Desert were the Southern Tribes hide. The Center Tribes are the only ones that establish a relation, even as tense as they have, with the Krieger Colonizers
• Jian stumbles upon a time of cultural stagnation, and slowly drifts apart until in 390 KC the Imperial Family is persecuted and killed by a noble house that takes control (This coup is the one that destroys Monkey Girl family forcing here into exile)
• Havar regains part of their former glory thanks to the new wave of spirituality lead with the Prophet of Akhen, some take his words too seriously and small groups called Razmik start to travel to other countries to preach the word of Akhen, sometimes by force.
• Azuma fall into the Gijutsu War as the Dai oh’ regime crashed, the war started in 395 and ended in 401, with victory for the Gijutsu party that started a revolution all over the country. (Batsu was born in 396)
• The Armies of Colonial Krieger start moving out from Frontera upon the 250 KC First Invasion of Hussark to Io, in 260 KC the armies are reduced to the half and for 300 KC the armies are reduced to a fourth
• The Natives and the Colonialist start to feel unrest against the Krieger Domination and in 350 their armies are assembled in secret. In 366 the War of Frontera starts, leading the Frontera joint forces is Frederick Halbark, currently known as Diamond the leader de facto of the Full Deck Gang. The war is waged up until 375 and Krieger domain is reduced to the Northern Eastern Corner of the Continent. Halbark refuses the position as King and allows each city to choose their own government, while keeping the peace in exchange of monetary retribution.
• The Gijutsu Party rules Azuma and the Traditionalist are forced into the North. Tsukimori Trading Colony is funded in 403 and Azumajin officers and merchants take the Fronterian Economy by Assault.
• 410: Kuro-san starts the Mangetsu Plan and Full Moon starts to take shape, only to be revealed in 414.
• 416: This year.
Chronology of the World V.1
A in-universe document about the story of the World of Frontera, another of my book proyects, this time alongside Bryan Flynn
The Krieger Empire was originally a small country in the continent of Io, but 400 years ago the small country met the leader that took it to the glory. A young king, that spent his younger eyes occupied with poetry and academics, got the throne after the death of his father. He received a country with agricultural economy that barely sustained it and surrounded of enemies, having the worst and less advanced army in the continent.

Thankfully all the other Kingdoms were more worried about bigger threats than this lowly country, that gave the Young King Johann Panzerwald I time and secrecy to plot and prepare. In just 5 years he had advanced the technology and economy of his country to almost the same level of the most powerful countries in the continent, all this thanks to several loans he took from nearby countries in the north, usually considered allies of Krieger. Once he trained and equipped an army large enough he declared war upon those countries expanding to the north, crushing in perfect formation the undisciplined crowd the Northern Kingdoms called army.

The other kingdoms underestimated this actions and called them a fluke rather than understanding that Derrick I had changed the warfare for ever. He focused in speed and mobility rather than numbers and superior firepower. He advanced the weapon development in 5 years more than the whole continent in 50, as the firearms were created after the discovery of Gunpowder, brought by Merchants from the land of Jian in the East. He introduced the shells and advanced ammunition that allowed the use of guns without the difficult task of recharging it up front, he even created automatic weapons. His genius helped his people to conquer the Northern Io in two years, trampling over the joined armies of the North. For a year he calmed the rebellions in the North and started using the resources the land had to offer. He promised payment to anybody that joined his army as the citizenship to his country, making them leave their status as captives. Most of the young men joined the army.

Derrick took another brilliant strategic decision when he chooses to continue his attack towards the East Kingdoms that were constantly at war and would never join forces against a common threat. He plowed through the Kingdoms with incredible speed and efficiency, and thanks to his superior tactics and the numbers of his army he took the kingdoms in matter of years, stopping the ethnic wars by the threat of his own military prowess. Now the Western, Central and Southern Kingdoms couldn’t say his conquests were a fluke and they formed an alliance. Their combined armies were 5 times bigger than Krieger’s, yet Johann’s troops had the morale up to the roof, combined with impeccable discipline and the most modern technology in warfare known to the world. The forces were really balanced yet a single element was tipping the scale to Krieger side.

Spirit d’ Corps. Johann’s Army was packed and joint like a single machine, with each soldier working as a well greased cog. The Coalition army was a joke, they fought each other and bickered in each decision for hours, as the generals ego didn’t allowed them to have fast decisions or a unified strategy. Krieger military joined in the defeated generals, and taught them as much as they learnt from them, mountain warfare, naval warfare and hundred of other tricks that came to increase the Military lore of the once small nation. The War of Io was long yet it had a winner from day one. Krieger stomped through each battle, having little to no loses, while assimilating the other cultures one by one. 10 years was what it took to conquer the whole continent, from the Torn Sea in the West to the Wand Mountains in the East, which served as a natural defense against the Hussark hordes.

20 years was the time Johann took to conquer the whole continent, adding the preparative and the small scale rebellions. He died with a unified empire to give to his son, that was as brilliant as his father, but decided to focus on giving all the land the same level of economical and technological advancements that his own capital and home country. He slowly extended the academic thirst through the land, creating universities and offering prizes and honors to the smart and brilliant people of any race that joined his Science Ministry. His rule and the next two kings continued in this direction until Ligiam II, that shifted from the enhancement of the inner policies to a more expansionist approach, and thanks to his expeditions, led by Rigel Torlie.

The discovery of new raw materials in Frontera kickstarted a new scientific and technological revolution advancing Krieger technology in another sudden rush. But this new age of discovery got stopped by a new period of war. Thanks to their constant mining in the Wand Mountains, a massive mountain collapsed and created a mountain pass big enough to let the Hussark Horde invade. The Hussark coming from the northeast, were much stronger and durable than the average human being and came in much larger numbers than Krieger. The Hussarks share some genetic ancestry with the Fronterian Northern Tribes. 100 years ago most of the armies positioned on Frontera were shipped back to their homeland, to fight off the Hussark Horde in the east. The troops left in Frontera weren’t enough to stop the civil unrest that was starting to boil in the colony.

Krieger Colonial Army was too spread, like too much jelly in one slice of bread, and led by the leader of the Diamond gang, the natives and some of the colonialist joined forces and trampled over the Krieger colonies that oppressed them and slowly took every resource from the Continent. The First War lasted about 20 years, until the whole Krieger influence was reduced to a city and a couple of towns in the Eastern side of the Continent, led by the city of Panzerwald. The colonial territory got split into dozens or even hundred smaller city-states, while the Diamond gang and then the others that ended up forming Full Deck, serve as the authority of the continent, being the ones with the biggest manpower and equipment.

Krieger is currently in a cold war situation with Azuma, a country that suddenly got into their same level of technology and power and is in the midst of a technological and social revolution, extending in the Eastern Continent not by force but thanks to brilliant and machiavellic strategies.

Krieger is a military Empire, focused on the enhancement of war related technology, sometimes making advancements in peripheral fields out of necessity, such as medicine to keep the soldiers healthy or Agriculture by enhancing the seeds or fields. The society is separated in 4 classes. The Ruling Class, former nobility or really important merchants and scientist lead the Empire under the rule of the Current Emperor Van Heinz VII. The Military Class are all the high ranking officers with the highest rank being Meister, a General that is given certain territory to protect. Panzerwald haves a Meister. The Expert Class includes scientists, merchants, artists and low ranking officers of the army and the government. The Working class composes most of the Empire population and is formed by low merchants, factory and fields workers and privates.

The Empire lacks a religion, being extremely rational and devoted to science. They used to have one before the Empire days but the fanatism for Technological advancement has replaced that religion. The Cult of the Creator is still practiced in some places of Frontera, as a lot of the believers got exiled upon the creation of the Colonies, or they fled to avoid persecution.
A Small look to the Krieger Empire
An extract of lore from a novel proyect called Frontera


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