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Hello! I want to know what's the best way to advertise an International Art Contest with Artbooks (Evangelion, FMA, Dark Souls II) as prizes...

Any advice for that?
-Why are you staring me? - She looked me right in the eyes, almost as if she wanted to pierce through my skull with her gaze, with her cold hazel eyes.

-What? - I said, a bit scared of her sudden realization of my stare. Flustered I tried to deny the fact. –I wasn’t staring, you’re wrong…-

-Don’t try to lie, I know you were watching me…- Her face, slowly showing disgust, started to get me, as I hoped she would keep quiet about it, hoping she wouldn’t make a scene.

-I swear I wasn’t looking at you, I was… I was…- clumsily I tried to complete the sentence, yet she interrupts my doubtful stuttering.

-Cut the bullshit, since I sat down you have been ogling me, didn’t your parents teach you that staring is impolite? – Her skin goes red in anger, mine shares a similar tone, but out of embarrassment.

-I wasn’t ogling you… I just was… eh…- I exhale in frustration as her expression grows sourer by the second. I must think about something fast before is too late, as the people around me is starting to look in our direction.

She is looking at me so hard I think her eyes are chipping away parts of my face, she shuffles on her seat. For a moment I think she is about to slap me and the fear of incoming shame and pain is exactly what my brain needed to kick-start a plan.

Well not exactly a plan plan… more like a course of action, one I don’t usually take
I take a deep breath and reveal the truth -I was staring your beautiful face. - I close my eyes, expecting the slap, yet I don’t receive it. Tentatively I open one eye to see if she is just preparing for a stronger attack and I find her confused.

-What did you say? - She asks, momentarily baffled from my bluntness. I decide that if there ever was a time to capitalize on telling the truth, this was it.

-I said I was staring your beautiful face. - I pause for a second seeing how her expression slowly changes and decide to continue. –There is so little beauty in the world and the duty…no… the privilege of the human beings is to observe it and celebrate it.-
She shyly smiles and I take that moment of emotion for my cue to continue.

-Today I meet with something amazing and beautiful, and I stared, gazed and observed it, as to me to find that is not only a joy but an eternal quest.- Slowly and steadily I speaking louder, to caught in the moment to realize it.

-I don’t desire to inconvenience you, as you gave me a great present, yet I beg of you not to take from me the sight of wonders and allure that I can see beyond your hazel eyes. - I end my, surprisingly archaic, declaration and sit down, with all the people around looking at me.

For a moment, the whole bus remains in silence. Some smiles can be seen and some even are waiting to see if the others clap. But as soon as it began the magic is gone and a bit disappointed the seated audience to my sudden incursion into poetry is gone.

I see the object of said artfulness who watches me with kind eyes and a much softer expression than before for a moment, before turning back to the window.

I consider this a small victory, as I didn’t get slapped at all. But that verdict changes as I hear her whisper, while she hides her blushing face.

-You don’t look half bad yourself.-

I timidly smile, as truth was my friend in this perilous hour.
True Intentions
A short story I wrote after imagining a situation while riding a bus last week. I hope you enjoy it... I must admit romance isnt my strong point when it comes to writing
Arranque con un nuevo blog que cubre temas de interés general, política, economía y pffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Perdón, tenia que hacer ese un blog de temas friki
Arranque con un blog, vean si algo les interesa y compartan si tienen ganas


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I'm a wandering writer with burning soul and boiling blood that mostly works for videogames but I'm branching out. I do freelance jobs, comissions and requests, so just ask!

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